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 You can not please the unpleased

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You can not please the unpleased Empty
PostSubject: You can not please the unpleased   You can not please the unpleased Icon_minitimeThu Sep 17, 2009 11:51 am

you can not please the unpleased

I was working in three primary schools and I enjoyed
my work because it was the profession I did for nearly 11 years before I joined
Mr Peter School.

I had no
problem at all in the two other schools but as soon as he allocated a classroom
for me I had a feeling that my duty will be difficult in this school.

I armed my self with patience and the desire to give
to this project in the borough for my community and for all the kids who want
to learn a foreign language, it is a pity it was in the wrong hand. He did not
respect neither the contract of work nor the content of the project

Since I started working with him I felt his generosity
and welcoming when he put me in the most abandoned, dirtiest room of his
school. It was used as a cemetery of the school where broken or unwanted
materiel was dumped in.

I managed to make it looked like a third world
classroom and started teaching. The classroom became very busy on Mondays; he
started using it for seminars and training. I kept calm so he turned it to
storage for the harvest festival; I had to jump over tins of beans and bags of
food to reach the blackboard. He broke in during sessions to disturb me.

A head teacher
who did not like my presence at his school so he managed to get rid of me in a
devilish way and brought a female teacher without teaching backgrounds or
qualification , he was surrounded by 24 female staff and teachers.

I must admit that he was generous with me when he
asked me to teach only 6 hours a week despite the contract that said 18 hours a
week and to make my duty impossible he put all the children from reception
class to year 6 in one class room and asked me to teach them Arabic.

He was begged to open an extra class because of the
number of the children registered, he did not say no but he opened a waiting
list and left me drifting between the schools for 12 hours with out work.

I told him with a smile that he wanted me to baby sit
not to teach and he was after advertising and propaganda not effective teaching
and I ended my comment by saying: How can I teach all these kids with different
ethnic backgrounds and age in one category, what kind of assessment did you use
to make all these kids learn in one classroom"

I carried on working in the three schools with out
materiel except from a laptop so I have to run to different Arabic schools and
shops to buy materiel he promised to refund the money but he never did and the
scenarios of his talented tactics continue.

One day he invited me to his office and asked me about
my position of the Palestinian issue and I told him what's in the history books
he replied in a sarcastic way:" one day you are going to bring this
problem to this country".

During all this time I was complaining to the
coordinator of the project Mrs Bernadette who liked to be called Miss pip low
but instead of asking Mr Norman to have mercy on me, stop sabotaging the
project and let me do my duty to the best of my ability she was conspiring
against me .

One Monday I came to work paranoid and wondering what
new scenario he is preparing for me to find a big poster saying:" Stressed
at work Sex On the desk is the Cure" with pictures of staff drinking
champagne. Fortunately I had a camera in my pocket and took a picture. The
following Monday he called me in the presence of the coordinator and told me:
"we have 2 options for you: Either you work supervised or we suspend

I told him that I need a helper not an other
supervisor I already have 4 head teachers as supervisors plus Mrs
Bernadette and I am still working with
out material ,you made me buy materiel with
my own money , what kind of policy is this , I think you should be
supervised and even investigated because you are abusing the education of the
children by displaying your sexual fantasies or deviations in a multi culture
school ,to you may be it is normal but to other culture is immoral and
animalist, if the parents were aware of
your poster I am sure you will be investigated if there is a commitment to implement justice
especially in this democratic system .
In my culture it is a big misconduct.

I carried on : why you suspending me , because I tried
to maintain discipline in my classroom ,
why no body complained about me in the other schools ,ask the parents if they
want me or not ? I still have the names
of all the parents in the three schools. I had parents coming to me, thanking
me for my commitment to my duty and that they could see progress in the
learning of their children.

The disciplinary hearing was illegal; two persons
condemned me without listening to me. One of them was an employee of the
education department and staffs from social services that were hired for one
day to destroy me and disappear, a lady called Beverley Doherty who promised to
send her feed back to me but never did. Few weeks later they invited me to an
other hearing with presence of a different staff and a Head teacher Mrs Mofat
The head of Melcombe primary school, they never asked me about the problem
created by Mr Peter but they dig up some dirt on me and asked me about a road
rage accident where I was forced by the Police not to press charges if I want
to go home quickly.

When they realised that there is truth in my version
the head Teacher of Fulham Cross Mrs J M Cartwright invited me and said that
you did not have intention because touching the kids in your cultures is not
misconduct so stay in Fulham cross and do secretary work in here till the end
of your contract. I said to her I am a school Teacher not a secretary I want to
come back to my classroom, the parents want me, the children want me, so why?

She said my relation with Mr Peter has ended so I am
not teaching I argued: what about the other 2 schools? I did not have any
problem there, she said no.

I worked one afternoon in the back of a classroom
given some presumed work to translate, at 5 pm I left for good because it was humiliating and
degrading. I went sick and never came back. I was afraid to be framed again and
this time may be they will call the parents governors and the police because
they refused to call them when I asked them to respect the disciplinary

I did not have any problem in the other two schools
except Mr Peters school, so I was taken to a disciplinary hearing by two
persons who had the verdict in their hands before listening to me and the funny
thing is Mrs Barbara bees the education department secretary defended him
bravely with lies, she refused my appeal and she even admitted in one of her
letters that the police visited me because of the incident and got an apology
from me to Mr peter.

What happen is:

One Saturday my
neighbour Mr Park informed me that three police officer from Fulham CID department came to 22c ormiston grove W12 at 11 am
but found no body so I went to Hammersmith police station and presented my self
at 4 pm, the police officer in reception listened to me, went to his pc and
declared that no officer is looking for me.

The same officers came on a Sunday at 8 am but I was
not there again, I got upset and rang the Fulham police station to express my
anger towards this extreme approach to my family then I was called for an
interview 0n 09/11/2002 to be accused of buying petrol and diesel with stolen
credit cards.

When I asked for evidence, there is none.

On 18/11/2002 Mrs Barbara bees wrote to me to confirm that
she is aware of this visit and that I apologised to a policeman, when I asked
for the name, she has no answer. The education department put a lot of lies in
my case.

When I asked
for evidence I was told: the petrol station was closed (tape of the interview
is available). No policeman came to me and asked about Mr Peter.

I think Mr Peter was trying to set me up again after
he faced my strong argument.

It is true that I called him and told him to leave me
alone or I am going to send my story to the press, I was surprised how some
staff in the department were enraged by my standing up to this allegations.

They wrote lies to defend him against my accusations
to him of misconduct too

They even used
some top shelf vocabulary to prepare a counter attack against my allegations.

They never renewed my contract and during my long
suspension he employed a woman with out teaching qualifications in the Arabic

Effectively the project to teach Arabic in Primary
schools was sabotaged cancelled and Mr Peter left, promoted to an LEA adviser.

In the other hand the children who want to learn
Arabic in Primary schools are still in the schools and their parents still want
the project to come back.

I think the Project was an excellent and generous
initiative from the Department of Work and Pensions but it was given to the
wrong people.

I always told Mrs Bernadette that he is trying to
sabotage the project.

I decided to stop appealing and Keep a low profile
because they are capable of creating more problems for me in the future.
they did la3nato allah 3alayhim wa 3ala man walahom
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You can not please the unpleased
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