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 A Cause for Celebration!

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Aziz Samih

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A Cause for Celebration! Empty
PostSubject: A Cause for Celebration!   A Cause for Celebration! Icon_minitimeFri Jun 05, 2009 3:44 pm

A Cause for Celebration!

A Cause for Celebration! Ram_pi10

To all those who supported our campaign against Royal Air Maroc’s extortionate fares and unfair treatment of
Moroccan expatriates in the UK, Lhadra3lik team would like to say thank you.

Our campaign in collaboration with Moroccan expatriates worldwide has definitely sent those in charge of RAM
a strong message. We hope that the agreement signed in Casablanca on Monday 01 June 09 between the ministry in charge of Moroccan expatriates and RAM is not a short-term measure.

To those who were reluctant to sign our petition on grounds of fear of being accused of seeking to subvert the
regime, bizarre as it may seem, we would like to remind them that as Moroccan citizens living abroad, his Majesty expects us to play a more active role in the development of our beloved country. Exercising our rights as law-abiding citizens is one way we could help his Majesty in his endeavour to lead our
country forward.

Let this be the beginning to more campaigns that seek to advocate on behalf of Moroccans in the UK and serve
our national interest.

We look forward to working closely with the relevant authorities towards better community relations.

Kind regards,

Aziz Samih

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A Cause for Celebration!
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